Give hope to sick children

Only research will change Mathias' life and the lives of thousands of children affected by genetic diseases.


Finding a treatment for Mathias is an emergency! This little boy suffers from a genetic disease progressively destroying his kidneys, his liver and forbidding him to eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, bread, cookies...

Ensemble renversons le sort !
Maladies Génétiques : Renversons le sort © Institut Imagine

Only research will change Mathias' life and the lives of thousands of children affected by genetic diseases.

To find treatments as soon as possible, the Imagine Institute needs your support

66% of the amount of your donations are directly deductible from your income tax and 75% from your IFI.



A 30€ GIFT

Will help to accelerate the diagnosis of still unknown genetic diseases.



A 80€ GIFT

Contribute to the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment and strengthen our teams.



A 150€ GIFT

Participate in the development of clinical trials that will lead to the discovery of new treatments.

To discover unknown diseases, your donations are essential.

Giulia was born with multiple disabilities and is a carrier of an as yet unidentified genetic disease... Putting a name to her disease and finding the modified gene in Giulia would allow her family to finally find hope. Discover the testimony of her mother.

Just as one gene changed the lives of Mathias, Giulia and thousands of children, your donation can change everything for them. Your generosity brings hope!  

Stanislas Lyonnet, Director of Institut Imagine

Together, let's take up the challenge of genetic diseases


Thanks to the support of its donors, Imagine has already:

  • Decreased the number of patients awaiting diagnosis by 50%.
  • Discovered over 250 new genes associated with genetic diseases.
  • 400 therapeutic and diagnostic solutions in preclinical or clinical development.

These advances are giving thousands of families hope. But there is still much to do and we need your help to accelerate research.




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The Imagine Institute in figures

Located in the heart of the Necker-Enfants malades AP-HP hospital since 2014, Imagine is:

  • 1,000 scientists and doctors committed thanks to
  • thanks to your support
  • More than 30,000 consultations per year
  • 28 research laboratories
  • 18 state-of-the-art technological platforms