Why Ionic

Deliver incredible mobile, desktop, & web apps faster than ever, with your existing web talent.

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Limitless Experiences

Build digital experiences, not mobile apps.

Your users don’t want mobile apps. They want a seamless experience that follows them wherever they are - mobile, desktop, web. Ionic helps you deliver consistent experiences across all channels, with a single codebase and customizable design system that works everywhere.

Efficiency at scale

Streamlined app development.

Traditional app development adds complexity across people and technology, with disparate teams and projects for each platform.

Leveraging the power of the web, Ionic’s unique approach dramatically simplifies how application development gets done.

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Bridge the talent gap

Use the talent you already have

Access to developer talent is now a bigger threat to growth than access to capital. With developers at a premium, you need a solution that works with the skills and teams that are already in your organization. By building with Ionic, you can empower your existing web developers - the most widely-held developer skillset in the world - to build incredible native mobile apps and desktop-based Electron apps.

Customize & Extend

Creation without limitation.

Ionic gives you complete control over how your app is built, with limitless customizations and native power and performance across any device.

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    Easy access to native device features

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    Full access to the native SDK when you need it

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    Securely store and access data offline

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    Integrate with any third-party, backend, or legacy system

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    Deploy to across iOS, Android, Electron, PWAs, and more

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    Professional support and guidance when you need it

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Global Scale

The enterprise app platform developers actually love.

We’re a company built on open source, committed to a developer-friendly approach that prioritizes developer experience, open ecosystems and open standards.

Today, Ionic is backed by a vibrant community of more than 5M developers in over 200 countries. Join the thousands of global meetups, forums, and community driven events that make it easy to learn and grow with our platform.

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