Create a unified mobile app experience.

Consolidate disparate apps into a single mobile experience and scale your app development strategy. Superapps built with the Superapp SDK are composed of independent mini apps that are easy to develop, deploy, and maintain.

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How one brand consolidated 8 apps into 1 superapp

Learn why a leading portable storage brand turned to Ionic for help building a superapp for employees, contractors, and customers.

Powering mission-critical apps for the world’s best companies

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Level up your mobile app strategy with Superapp SDK.

An all-in-one solution for large organizations who want to develop a unified brand experience—for the workplace, customers, and more.

    Efficient development
    Efficient development

    Develop, debug, and deploy mini apps independently and push updates directly to users’ devices with live updates.

    Seamless integration
    Seamless integration

    The superapp shares core features across mini apps, like login and authentication. No need to switch between apps.

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    Reuse code, leverage talent

    Web teams contribute to native apps by turning web experiences into integrated mini apps.

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    Share data between apps securely

    Data stored using biometric protection is available for offline use and can be passed between the core app and mini apps.

    Custom application experiences icon
    Custom application experiences

    With defined personas in place, users can personalize their app experience by downloading mini apps relevant to them.

    Build, deploy, and update icon
    Build, deploy, and update faster

    Native plugins coupled with a modular app structure and mobile CI/CD make it easier and faster to scale app development.

    Support and advisory icon
    Support and advisory

    Ionic ensures that the SDK supports the latest platform versions, follows best practices, and maintains industry standards.

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All your workplace tools in one mobile app.

Consolidate and modernize the internal tools your workforce needs to be productive with an integrated workplace superapp.

Stop switching between apps to get work done.

“Superapps can reduce digital frictions: Superapps package three types of capabilities into one application, which decreases the cognitive load of context switching between numerous applications.”

Gartner, “Quick Answer: How Does a Superapp Benefit the Digital Employee Experience?”, February 2023

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Eliminate disjointed and conflicting data sets.

“Large enterprises are building workforce superapps to consolidate and potentially replace an array of custom and vendor-supplied apps that are complex to manage and lack user adoption.”

Gartner, “Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023: Superapps”, October 2022

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Optimize resources and technology investments.

“The Superapp SDK is a real game changer for us. It allows our partners as well as our own development teams to build add-ons much faster than before, while reducing the overhead we had before with native customizations.”

Florian Sauter, CTO EGYM

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One unified app experience for your customers.

Give your customers a truly personalized and seamless experience, all while keeping development overhead costs low.

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Provide the convenience and security customers value.

“66 percent of respondents reported valuing convenience benefits, while 61 percent of respondents reported highly valuing the security benefits of having a single online platform with several functionalities. Additionally, 54 percent of respondents reported highly valuing the coordination benefits that would come from using an all-encompassing super app.”

PYMNTS, “The Super App Shift”, July 2022

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Unlock revenue potential with deeper consumer insights.

“The superapp model also provides companies with unparalleled access to a wide array of user data, all gathered within the app’s walled gardens. This data can then be algorithmically analyzed to triangulate consumer preferences; target ads; personalize recommendations, discounts, prices, and loyalty rewards; and facilitate cross-selling — all of which can create significant value.”

Harvard Business Review, “Are Super-Apps Coming to the U.S. Market?”, April 2023

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Develop in parallel and accelerate release cycles.

“With a superapp approach we can develop micro applications in parallel by different teams, build them seamlessly together, and have a continuous deployment mode where we just keep releasing new features [our users love]. There is a low implication on existing features because we have multiple locations. For example, we have a team in China, developing one mini app and in the Netherlands and in Hong Kong.”

Heath and Beauty Retailer, Ionic Superapp SDK customer

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How different industries are adopting superapps.


Workforce Access

Customer support teams can manage tickets, quickly triage issues, and communicate with customers within a single app.

Customer Access

Customers can enjoy one login experience that will give them access to different stores, payments, and customer support in one application.


Workforce Access

Retail employees can run the point-of-sale system,  clock-in and out, review schedules, check inventory, and assist shoppers all from one application.

Customer Access

Shoppers can self-checkout, check store inventory, call employees over for assistance, receive loyalty points and share them with other shoppers, and more.


Workforce Access

Financial institutions can securely access client information, offer loans and other products, and check application statuses without logging in to multiple systems.

Customer Access

Users can streamline their banking and financial management by checking balances, making payments, transferring funds, investing, and more... all in one place.


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