Build fast, secure apps.

Deliver secure, reliable, data-driven mobile experiences that work anywhere, anytime — even when they’re offline.

Store and protect user data

Secure Storage is a powerful local database that makes it easy to encrypt, store, access, and manage data online and offline, across all platforms, with built-in security and blazing-fast performance.

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Stellar app experiences

Give your users the freedom to work anywhere, regardless of network connection.

Three layer platform

Ultra-fast deployment

Save days and weeks of time with a pre-built storage solution that’s ready to deploy in minutes.

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Easy data management

Maintain complete ownership with data export and device/platform migration platform options. No need to be a data storage expert.

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Secure Storage Data Sheet

Get all the details on how to better deliver secure high-performance mobile, web, and desktop experiences that work flawlessly—anywhere, anytime, every time.

shield icon with x'ed out cloudReliable experiences

Secure & Offline

Local storage that works and performs great with or without a network connection, protected by military-grade data at-rest encryption.

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monitor next to phone iconCross-Platform

Mobile Ready

Ready to deploy on the devices and platforms your users care about. Secure Storage works across iOS, Android, and the web, all from the same codebase.

speedometer iconBlazing fast

Ultra Performant

Built on an industry-leading SQL database engine, designed to outperform traditional file-system storage techniques.

Peace of mind

Highly Reliable

With transaction protection, your users can be sure that their transactions completed successfully, or not at all, in the event of an unexpected crash or power failure.

Under the hood

Secure high-performance mobile, web, and desktop experiences made easy.

Secure Storage offers a powerful, local database and performance-optimized query engine that enables fast, reliable high-performance experiences across every platform.

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Local Filesystem Storage

Data is stored directly on the filesystem outside of the browser environment.

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One solution for all secure storage needs.

Use the Key/Value API for simple object storage or a powerful query engine for building powerful, data-driven apps with SQL.

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On-Device Data Encryption

Data is secured on the device using 256-bit AES full database encryption.

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Cross-Platform Deployment

Works on supported iOS and Android mobile devices, and the web, all from a single codebase.

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Transaction Protection

Implements serializable transactions that are atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable.

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Zero Configuration

Smart defaults that work out-of-the-box. You don’t need to be an expert to use it.

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