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Ship at the speed of development

Spend more time on what matters. Appflow takes care of the rest, with a suite of powerful cloud tools and services for every type of app.

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Ship stable apps, faster

Deliver a better mobile experience for your users by sending updates directly to them in real-time, without waiting on app store approval.

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Deliver continuously

Automate app delivery, without being a DevOps expert. Our preconfigured, customizable best practices automate your pipeline in minutes.

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Integrate with your existing pipeline

Already have existing CI/CD infrastructure? You can use the best parts of Appflow through easy code-level integration with our Cloud CLI.

App store publishingPublish immediately. From zero clicks.

Deploy directly to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store from a secure cloud environment.

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    Publishing made easy

    Appflow handles the details of app publishing. Just add a few basic inputs and we’ll take care of the rest.

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    No Mac required

    Build for iOS in our secure cloud environment, then publish directly to the Apple App Store, without a Mac.

Explore App Store Publishing 
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live updatesDeploy live code updates in real time.

Leverage web technologies to instantly push app updates, content changes, A/B tests, bug fixes, beta features, and more. No approval process, no delay, you’re in control.

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    Skip app store review process

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    Keep users on the latest versions

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    Rollback to previous versions instantly

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    Run live A/B tests and control who sees what

Explore Live Updates 
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Native buildsBuild native binaries using a secure cloud platform.

Compile native binaries in the cloud to get from code to app store faster, without platform dependencies or complicated build steps.

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Choose your architecture

Turn your projects into native apps for iOS and Android. Appflow configures, compiles, and packages your app in the cloud, and provides everything you need to deploy to the app stores.

Explore Native Builds 
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CI/CD AutomationAutomate your entire app workflow.

Fully automate your delivery pipeline—from native binary builds to QA—in minutes using our preconfigured, smart defaults and powerful workflows, with customizability to fit your team’s unique needs.

Teams using Appflow are 81% more likely to release multiple times per week or more, compared to teams that aren’t using a CI/CD tool.

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Push code

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Push code

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Push code

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Trigger Android build

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Trigger iOS build

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Trigger Web build

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Deploy to TestFlight

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Deploy to Google Play

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Trigger webhook

Fully Managed Build EnvironmentsSave time with fully managed build environments.

Managing and maintaining your own build environment means keeping up with the latest build tools, operating systems, constant patching and upgrades, and a whole lot more. With Appflow, we take care of that for you, so you can focus on your app.

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Simplified app delivery. Only possible with Appflow.

Cloud features for every phase of app deployment:

Appflow helps you manage the unique complexities of mobile app delivery — from maintaining mobile build environments to app store publishing and dependency management. See how.

Why Appflow is different
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    Convert your project files into native app binaries

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    Connect directly to your existing git repos

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    Securely collaborate and share projects with team members

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    Manage versions across test, QA, and production environments

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    Push live app updates directly to your users

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    Publish your apps to the app stores with 1-click

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    Automate everything, from the moment code is checked in

Appflow is a cloud-based app delivery platform for modern app teams and businesses.

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