Ionic for IT Leaders

Ionic is a platform that helps enterprise IT and business leaders build and scale world-class mobile experiences, and modernize existing mobile applications, in a fraction of the time and without having to hire and train new staff.

Ionic’s products are ideal for IT leaders who have a mandate to:

  •  Increase revenue through great digital experiences that attract new customers and instill brand loyalty.
  • Empower their digital workforce with mobile experiences that increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Modernize existing applications without having to rip and replace.
  • Accomplish the above with their existing talent, without having to hire and train new team members.
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What can you do with Ionic?

The Ionic platform helps enterprise application leaders and teams:

  1. Build award-winning mobile applications. Ionic provides an enterprise-focused development solution for building highly custom, highly secure mobile applications that look and feel great on any platform. Ionic’s Enterprise SDK is backed by Ionic’s world-class support organization and includes advanced security features and pre-built solutions for common use cases like payments, inventory management, and more. 
  2. Modernize existing mobile applications. Ionic allows organizations to modernize existing mobile applications through the use of mobile micro frontends. This new architectural approach breaks up applications into smaller chunks that can be built and managed independently and in parallel. The end result is a fully composable architecture that delivers faster time-to-market, increased developer productivity, and better customer experiences. 
  3. Automate app publishing and delivery. Ionic’s mobile CI/CD solution, Appflow, streamlines app delivery through automated mobile builds and deployment. Appflow works with your existing CI/CD infrastructure and provides mobile-specific build services for any iOS, Android, React Native, or Capacitor application. Companies choose Appflow to avoid the hassle of building and maintaining their own mobile CI/CD infrastructure.

Who is Ionic for?

Ionic serves a broad spectrum of the market, but caters to the needs of larger enterprises that are focused on digital transformation and competing through differentiated mobile experiences that attract customers, drive brand loyalty, and empower employees.

Examples of mobile applications powered by Ionic include high-profile customer-facing apps by H&R Block, US Foods, AAA, Bank of New York Mellon, and more. Ionic serves thousands of customers across Banking, Finance, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, and a broad range of other industries. 

Why do IT leaders choose Ionic?

They want to move faster

Many enterprise business and IT leaders choose Ionic because they are frustrated with the pace of mobile development in their organization. New mobile projects take months or years to develop, and the pace of ongoing feature development is frustratingly slow. Ionic’s cross-platform approach provides them with a way to accelerate mobile development by cutting down the amount of code that needs to be written in the first place, accelerating development by around 70% or more. 

They can’t hire and train native mobile engineers fast enough

Only around 6-8% of all professional developers are proficient in the languages used to build native mobile apps. This makes it very hard to find mobile engineers. In contrast, there are 10 times as many web developers on the market. Because Ionic apps are built using open web standards and common web tools and languages, finding engineers to work on Ionic projects is easy. In most cases, you already have a deep bench of web devs who can build with Ionic on Day 1. 

Their mobile apps can’t keep pace with web applications

It’s common to find that a mobile experience is lacking critical features that can be found on the web version of the same application—often because the smaller mobile team can’t keep pace with the much larger web development team. The resulting feature gap is frustrating for users, who expect to find the same features regardless of which device they’re using. Ionic’s micro frontend solution allows teams to achieve feature parity between mobile and web, so that the same experience runs everywhere, regardless of form factor or device. 

They want to modernize existing apps without a rip & replace

For native mobile projects that have been around for a while, it can be tempting to want to start from scratch and rewrite the entire application. But in many cases this simply isn’t practical. Through the use of micro frontend architecture, however, Ionic customers can selectively upgrade different parts of an app without having to start from scratch. For example, a major lending provider modernized their existing lending app with web-based experiences—powered by Ionic Portals—without having to rip out the existing application. The resulting impact included a 75% reduction in time-to-market, and feature parity across their mobile and web applications.

They want to increase developer productivity 

Across the board, Ionic’s products are focused on empowering developers to do more without having to learn any new skills. The productivity benefits of Ionic include the ability to write code once and deploy to multiple platforms; reusing existing web-based experiences across any new or existing mobile application, and the ability to automate the entire app delivery process without having to build or maintain your own mobile CI/CD infrastructure. 

What products does Ionic offer?

Ionic’s products include:

  • Ionic Enterprise SDK: The only mobile cross-platform software development kit (SDK) built exclusively for enterprise applications. It includes world-class support, advanced mobile security, and pre-built solutions for common use cases.
  • Ionic Portals: Mobile micro frontend solution that makes it easy to embed web-based experiences in any mobile app, including iOS, Android, and React Native apps. 
  • Ionic Appflow: A cloud-based mobile CI/CD solution that makes it easy to automate app publishing and delivery for any iOS, Android, React Native, or Capacitor applications.

In addition, Ionic is the maker of many popular open source projects, including Capacitor, an open source cross-platform runtime that turns any web app into a native iOS or Android application; Ionic Framework, a mobile UI toolkit for building cross-platform mobile applications with the web; and Stencil, a tool for building custom UI components and design systems that run in any web application. 

Ionic’s open source and commercial products are widely adopted and backed by a vibrant community of over 5 million developers worldwide.

How do I know if Ionic is a good fit for my business?

Ionic is an ideal fit for professional development teams building highly custom mobile applications. Here are the factors that will help you determine if Ionic is the right for you:

New business-critical mobile projects

If your team or division is tasked with building new mobile projects for external and internal use cases, Ionic is likely the right solution—especially if the app is highly custom and critical to the business. Ionic’s cross-platform development tools may be a great fit and will give your team the flexibility to customize the app according to their needs, without having to learn new skills. 

Existing native applications that are not meeting expectations

If you have existing mobile applications in need of modernizing in order to improve the feature set, accelerate the pace of development, or to bring the application in parity with the web version of the application, this could be a good fit for Ionic’s mobile micro frontend solution.

Deep bench of web developers

Many of Ionic’s products are built around web developers, and empower web devs to build and ship mobile experiences with familiar web tools and languages. If your team includes a large number of web developers and an interest in empowering them to tackle mobile projects, Ionic is likely a good fit to help them scale development.

Existing portfolio of native iOS and Android or React Native applications

Any organization with an existing portfolio of mobile applications would be a fit for Ionic’s micro frontend and mobile CI/CD solutions. 

You’re in good company. Ionic powers millions of apps at some of the smartest companies in the world.

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