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Ionic Docs

Ionic is a platform for building and deploying modern mobile applications and micro frontend experiences. Explore our products below, and check out our guides, examples, and references to help you learn to build and ship incredible apps faster than ever.

Get started

Start building with Ionic’s cross-platform development kit, or import any existing mobile app to build, publish, and update your apps from the cloud with Appflow:

Mobile DevOps

Appflow cloud services enable development teams to continuously build, automate, and ship their Ionic apps faster than ever.

Mobile Micro Frontends

Portals is a solution for delivering embedded web apps and mobile micro frontend experiences. For apps built with Swift, Kotlin, React Native, or Capacitor.

Mobile App Development

Mobile UI

Ionic Framework is a mobile UI toolkit that includes mobile-optimized UI controls, interactions, gestures, animations, and integrations with React, Angular, and Vue.

Native plugins

Capacitor enables you to deploy an web application to iOS and Android. Add native functionality and experiences from a collection of open source and premium plugins, solutions, and integrations.

Mobile Security

Advanced mobile security solutions that are pre-built and ready to deploy in minutes, and fully supported by Ionic.