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The Architect’s Guide to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

See how PWAs can boost your app strategy by harnessing the power of the web — and what you need to know to get started today.

The inside look

See for yourself.

This guidebook provides Architects and App Dev leaders with essential insights on which projects are right for PWAs, and how to build a production-ready PWA today.

  • What are PWAs and why do they matter?

  • How PWAs fit into your app strategy

  • How to build and ship PWAs

  • Benefits of using PWAs

The benefits

Understanding the ins & outs of PWAs.

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Use this guide to understand what makes a PWA, and the key capabilities and features that define Progressive Web Apps.

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How PWAs work: An overview of the APIs and browser standards that allow PWAs to provide reliable, fast, engaging experiences with the web.

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How big brands like Twitter and Pinterest are leveraging PWAs to boost user acquisition, engagement, and ultimately, revenue.

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When to select PWAs vs native mobile apps, including key use cases, requirements, and decision making criteria.

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